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Hard to feel happy after second surgery

Hard to feel happy after second surgery

Breast implant revision surgeries can be emotionally and physically taxing for women. Even though the initial surgery may have been a success, some women may feel unhappy with the results over time due to various reasons, such as changes in weight, pregnancy, aging, or complications. Receiving a second breast implant surgery may provide a solution to fix previous issues, but it can also be a challenging experience. Women may feel overwhelmed, anxious, or dissatisfied with their appearance, causing negative impacts on their self-esteem and mental health. In this article, we will explore some common struggles that women face after undergoing a second breast implant revision surgery and provide tips for coping with them.

Dealing with Physical Discomfort

Physical discomfort is a common side effect of breast implant revision surgery. Women may experience pain, swelling, and bruising, making it difficult to move and perform daily tasks. To alleviate discomfort, doctors may prescribe pain relief medications or recommend using ice packs, compression garments, and staying in a restful position. It is crucial to follow the doctor’s orders and not engage in strenuous activities or lift heavy objects until fully healed. Additionally, practicing relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, or yoga can help reduce stress and promote healing.

Coping with Emotions 

Receiving a second breast implant revision surgery can evoke a range of emotions, such as anxiety, disappointment, and frustration. It is crucial to acknowledge these feelings and seek help if needed. Talking to a therapist, support group, or trusted friend or family member can provide a safe space to express thoughts and feelings without judgment. It is also essential to focus on positive self-talk and self-care practices, such as maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough rest, engaging in physical activities that do not involve the chest area, and doing things that bring joy and purpose. Patience and self-compassion are key during recovery and allowing time for the body and mind to heal.

Managing Expectations 

Setting realistic expectations about the outcome of breast implant revision surgery is critical in preventing disappointment and dissatisfaction. Women should discuss their goals and concerns with their surgeon and understand the potential limitations and risks of the procedure. It is essential to have a clear understanding of what is achievable and what is not, and commit to realistic expectations. Some women may need additional surgeries to achieve the desired results, which can be frustrating, but it is crucial to trust the process and stay positive. It may take time to see the final outcome, so being patient and working closely with the surgeon during the recovery period is crucial.

Dealing with Body Image Issues 

Body image issues can arise after breast implant revision surgery, especially if the outcome is not what was expected. Women may feel self-conscious about their appearance, causing them to avoid social situations, intimacy, or wearing certain clothes. It is essential to remember that every woman’s body is unique, and imperfections are normal. Instead of focusing on negative aspects, women can practice gratitude and appreciation for their bodies’ resilience and strength. Seeking professional help, such as counseling or cognitive-behavioral therapy, can also provide techniques to improve body image and self-esteem. Additionally, finding support groups or online communities can offer a sense of validation and understanding of shared experiences.

Communicating with Loved Ones 

Communicating with loved ones about undergoing a second breast implant revision surgery can be challenging. Women may feel embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty about their decision, causing them to avoid sharing their feelings with others. However, it is crucial to remember that seeking support from loved ones is vital for the recovery process. Friends and family members can offer practical assistance, emotional support, and encouragement during the healing process. Open and honest communication about fears, concerns, and expectations can help increase understanding and empathy. It is also important to understand that not everyone may fully support the decision to undergo breast implant revision surgery, but staying true to personal values and desires is crucial for personal growth and happiness.

Dealing with Financial Costs 

The financial costs of breast implant revision surgery can add stress and anxiety to an already challenging situation. Depending on the extent of the procedure and the location, the total cost can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. It is essential to have a realistic budget and plan to pay for the procedure and any associated costs like medications, medical supplies, and follow-up appointments. Researching insurance coverage and financing options like payment plans or personal loans can also help alleviate financial stress. It may be helpful to talk to the surgeon or financial advisor to discuss available options and develop a feasible and sustainable plan.

Identifying Potential Complications 

Breast implant revision surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries potential complications and risks. It is crucial to be aware of possible side effects and to report any unusual symptoms or changes to the surgeon immediately. Common complications of breast implant revision surgery include infection, bleeding, pain, swelling, and scarring. More serious complications like rupture, implant displacement, or capsular contracture may require additional surgeries or removal of the implant. Women must attend all follow-up appointments and adhere to post-surgical care instructions to prevent or detect any complications early on. Education, awareness, and early intervention are crucial in preventing long-term damage and ensuring successful outcomes.

Planning for Recovery 

Planning for recovery is essential for a successful outcome of breast implant revision surgery. Women should schedule ample time off work and activities to allow for proper rest and healing. It is also essential to plan for childcare, transportation, and household duties to ensure a stress-free recovery environment. It is advisable to prepare a recovery kit with essentials like pain relief medications, gauze, compression garments, and healthy snacks to promote healing. Women should also avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking blood-thinning medications as these can increase the risk of complications. Light exercises and movement under the guidance of the surgeon can also help promote circulation and decrease the risk of blood clots. Planning for recovery can help prevent complications, speed up healing, and ensure a smooth and successful outcome.


Undergoing a second breast implant revision surgery can be a challenging experience for women. Coping with physical discomfort, emotions, body image issues, and financial costs can add stress and anxiety to the recovery process. However, by talking to a therapist, communicating with loved ones, managing expectations, and planning for recovery, women can increase their chances of a successful outcome. Recognizing the potential complications and risks, practicing self-care, and seeking professional help can also contribute to a smooth and stress-free recovery. While breast implant revision surgery may not resolve all concerns, it can provide a solution and restore self-confidence and self-esteem. Every woman’s journey is unique, and it is essential to trust the process and stay positive through every step.

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