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Sheila Nazarian

Sheila Nazarian, MD, MMM is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery and Spa26 in Beverly Hills. She serves as assistant professor at the University of Southern California, where she enjoys teaching the next generation of plastic surgeons.

Dr. Nazarian is frequently published and invited to speak internationally upwards of 20 times per year. She founded a non-profit organization, The Nazarian Institute, to help connect with and educate her colleagues on how to further their professional and personal lives. Additionally, she created as a curated collection of online medical-grade skincare made affordable and understandable.

She is married to a neurosurgeon, has three children and enjoys being an influencer in the aesthetic and digital space: @drsheilanazarian on Instagram and Nazarian Plastic Surgery on Facebook.

Nazarian Plastic Surgery

If you are looking to make positive changes for your appearance and to boost your self confidence— you have come to the right place. Nazarian Plastic Surgery has an experienced team of a Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Registered Nurse, and Aesthetician who are collectively committed to providing you the best and safest in plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures. At Nazarian Plastic Surgery, our goal is to achieve the most natural-looking and optimal results.

The highest priority at our plastic surgery practice is your safety, and we provide the utmost privacy when it comes to your care. Leading female plastic surgeon, Sheila Nazarian, MD, performs most procedures on site. Our office is well-equipped to ensure you receive the highest level of safety and qualified plastic surgery care in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.


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