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In order we can respond you in a clear, precise, and detailed manner, please send us your application via email by replying to the questionary that you will find below.


We beg you to respond thoroughly to each question, that will allow us to send you an accurate quote in shorter time and will enable our medical team to establish a precise medical diagnosis, and evaluate the possibility (or not) to carry out your surgery.

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The easiest way to respond all the questions is to do a COPY / PASTE.
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1) Describe the plastic surgery or the combined plastic surgery package you would like:


Describe the dental treatment you would like:



3) Describe the laser treatment you would like:





To complete the questionary you can send us your photographs.

equired photographs:

For body surgery   

Body photographs of Front, Back and Profile.
For Face surgery   

Face photographs of Front and Profile both sides.

o preserve your anonymity, and in case of face surgery, you can cover your eyes.

These pictures are indispensable for our surgical team to be able to establish a clear and accurate preliminary medical diagnosis.





How long have you wanted to have this type of surgery?

What are your reasons for having this surgery?

Have you previously consulted a plastic surgeon?
If so, when and under what circumstances.

Why have you chosen have Makeover Travel to perform your surgeries?






If you wish to make an excursion or trip in Bolivia, please tell us about the places you would like to visit.
(For more information about our tourist packages, you can visit the part of our web page that says Tourism Bolivia)..




In addition to the nights we include in your package, you may add extra stay.

How many days would you like to stay in Bolivia?

Would you want to stay at the Royal Lodge hotel or would you prefer to stay in another hotel?
In your package, we will include free nights at the Royal Lodge Hotel, however, you can choose one of the two other hotels that we offer for your stay. When we send you your quote, we will send you the extra cost if you want to stay at the hotel Bugnavillas 5 ***** .



When do you think you will arrive to Bolivia? 






Maximum Weight?

Chest size


Do you smoke?
If yes, how many cigarettes a day?

When did you start smoking?
Have you stopped smoking?
Since when?

Do you drink alcohol?
How often?

Are you using any kind of drugs or taking any medications?  

Are you currently undergoing any treatment?  
If yes, which one?

Do you have any allergies?
If yes, what are they?

Are you allergic to any medicines?
If yes, what are they?


Are you diabetic?

Do you suffer from cholesterol problems?

Do you suffer from high blood pressure?
Do you suffer from anaemia?
Have you gone through depression?
Did you have any viral illnesses?
If yes, which one?

Have you had surgical procedures before ?
If yes, which ones?

Have you had cosmetic surgery ?
If yes, which ones (part of your body)?

Gynecological and obstetrical History (only for women)
Number of pregnancies?

Number of children?

Number of caesareans?

Would you like to have more children?
If yes, when?

In Case of Breast Surgery
What is your cup size?

Have you had mammography?
If yes, when?

What was the result?

Have you ever had breast cancer?
 Is there any family history of breast cancer?
If yes, which member of the family?




Please send us this form at