Makeover Travel is an Organization at the Medical

Forefront coordinating Aesthetic & Makeover Trips to
South America -Bolivia.

MakeOver Travel is the first and unique World renowned Medical Organization in Bolivia specialized in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery treatments to people living in other countries.

We are N1 worldwide in our field and worldwide pioneering since 2003 in the organization of trips only focused in Plastic Surgery - Beauty & Image Change -.
              Our unique Goal is to provide you world class Cosmetic and Plastic
                             Surgery with leading specialists at affordable prices.

At the same time, we offer you the opportunity to travel and visit Bolivia, a wonderful country considered by all the geologists as the most bio-diverse country on earth. You will also discover the incredible city of Santa Cruz renowned as the tropical paradise of South America, a city that you will surely want to go back to.

Being the first company in Bolivia specialized in Surgery Holidays, we were able to select to partner with the highest quality private Clinics and most experienced Surgeons.

Promoting and maintaining the highest standards of surgical practice and patient health care we have achieved excellence in our field; that is the reason why for more than 10 years our surgeons have been in charge of preparing international top models to compete in the leading international beauty contests.

Thank's to Makekeover Travel you can achieve your dreams
through affordable, quality plastic surgery packages, with the follow-up care and service to ensure complete recovery and a luxury holiday to rest and rejuvenate.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic restorative dentistry are Bolivia's hidden treasures, but not a well-kept secret
Each year thousands of men and women from North America, Europe and Latin America take advantage of the low-cost, High-Quality care provided by Bolivians cosmetic surgeons and dentists, making of Bolivia one of the most important country in Latin America receiving tourists only to perform out aesthetic treatments.

Our medical staff is made up of The Most qualified and experienced Health Care Professionals in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Micro Surgery, Laser Treatment, Dental Surgery in the most advanced Surgical and Laser centers.
You will be excited to learn that we not only offers the highest quality cosmetic and plastic surgery results,
best quality in medical care, high standards of cosmetic surgery, and the use of modern technologies as well as top-quality materials for procedures, but we offer it at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in the United States, Canada and Europe.
This allows you to use some of your savings to have your surgery and enjoy the beautiful country of Bolivia at the same time.

"We are there for you every step of the way"

With Makeover Travel you are not only guaranteed low prices and high quality for your treatments but a Complete Travel Package
In order to make it easier for our patients, we offer a complete trip package for each treatment that includes: 

The Surgical Procedure
Stay in Clinic / Hospital
8 to 12 days in a
4**** or 5***** Hotel
Anesthetist fees
Implants or Prosthesis (if any)
Pre and Post-operative Consultations
Clinical Professional Insurance
Professional insurance of surgeon
(Airport / Hotel - Hotel / Airport - Hotel / Hospital
Hotel / to all consultations with surgeon and medical team)

Bilingual Assistant
A Free Consultation at Dental Clinic 
(With our specialist -health care practitioners in dental aesthetics -)
A Free Consultation with our Health Care Specialist in
Quirurgical Laser
(Dermatology, Aesthetics, Skin photo-rejuvenation, Leg veins, Acne scars, Hair removal, Skin resurfacing Pigmented lesions, Vascular treatments)

We will help you step by step- from booking your travel to making the most of your stay in Bolivia.
Our customer service staff will provide you the best attention and a complete service, both in the organization of the trip and during their stay in Santa Cruz.
The patient coordinators of our staff speak
English, Spanish, and French and are not only knowledgeable of the country, but have been specially trained in the areas of cosmetic surgery as well.
We will guide you from the day you arrive until the moment you fly back home.

Pioneering Worldwide in the organization of trips focused in beauty and Total Image Change, Makeover Travel is todays the most well-known and awarded medical agency in Latin America.

We received in 2006 & 2008 the International Award
" Estrella de Diamante Internacional" Award in Mexico
for the Best Quality & Service in
the beauty field


  And the Award -2003 and 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015
                "Mejor organizacin Turstica y Medica Boliviana"        
           "Best Tourist and Medical Organization in Bolivia"
Best Organization in the Medical-Tourism field


"Premio por los logros alcanzados para una vida mejor"        
          Best Medical Organization Award -2008 & 2009-


We Guarantee:

  • Treat each of our patients as our Guests, like VIPS

  • To make each of our Guests feel cared for, pampered, and very
    special in a comfortable and professional atmosphere; providing each

 of our Guests with an exceptional quality of care, utilizing state of the
art technology and the best materials.

  • The best quality at the best price

  • The best and most well known Plastic Surgeons

  • The best service at 4**** & 5***** hotels

  • The best hospitals, clinics and medical center infrastructures.

  • The best personalized care, with total medical attention, as well as
     ongoing post-operative supervision.

  • The best tourist options so that you can recover, rest, and relax in
     serenity and can enjoy exploring this wonderful country.

  • Personal image counseling to help you and affirm that you look

  • The best packages adapted to your budget, with prices lower than
                 those found anywhere else.

  • Privacy and Confidentiality 

  Founder members and Administrative team in Bolivia and Mexico:

General Directors

Carolina Rosenfeld & Sacha Rickel

 Patient Bilingual Assistants that will look after you in Bolivia


We are Makeover Travel!!


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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:
Abdominoplasty - Arm Lift - Blepharoplasty - Body Lift Surgery - Brachioplasty- Breast Augmentation / Breast Implants - Breast lift - Breast Reduction - Breast Uplift - Brow Lift - Buttock augmentation - Buttock implants - Buttock Lift - Canthopexy /Canthoplasty - Cheek Implants / Cheek augmentation- Chin Implants / Chin augmentation- Chin Reduction - Cosmetic Dentistry - Dental Implants - Dental treatment - Dental Veneers - Ear Surgery- Ethnic plastic surgery - Eyelid Surgery- Extreme Makeover - Facelift - Hair transplant - Hymen Restoration / Hymenplasty - Labiaplasty / Labial Reduction - Laser Skin Resurfacing - laser treatments- Liposuction - Male Breast Reduction - Mastoplexy- Mentoplasty- Men Surgery - Neck Lift - Neck Liposuction- Nipple Reduction - Nose Surgery - Otoplasty - Permanent Makeup - Porcelain Crown - Porcelain veneers - Restylane / Perlane - Revision Rhinoplasty - Rhinoplasty - Secondary Surgery - Thigh Lift / thighplasty - Tooth Whitening - Tummy Tuck - Vaginoplasty


MAKEOVER TRAVEL - Main International Branch / // Head Office: Santa Cruz -Bolivia- // Email :
Plastic Surgery in Bolivia - Medical Tourism in Israel

Plastic surgery packages Overseas.

Makeover Travel is a Worldwide Leader of Affordable, Quality Cosmetic Surgery Holidays.
We provide you a range of different packages, designed for flexibility, depending on how you want to travel, your budget and your treatment needs. Prices are all-inclusive with no hidden costs, so you don't have to worry about anything while you are on holidays.
Our prices represent excellent value - a fraction of the price of a treatment at home, we offer 5 star luxurious holiday, transport and excellent post-operative consultations, support, and - to top it all off -pampering treatments that will leave you glowing.

Affordability, Availability and Flexibility
Medical procedures and treatments in Bolivia are far less expensive than in our client home countries, offering the same expertise and results you would expect from surgeons at home...with the Latin Touch.

How can we offer such great value?
We strive to offer the most competitive prices and packages that you could find. Unlike surgery and dentistry procedures at home, you do not have to pay sales tax (GST, VAT) on the procedures, and the strong currency exchange rates means that it is far cheaper in Bolivia than it is at home.
Please note, we are not a cut price operator, we do not offer the cheapest surgery that you can find, as we place more value on quality, service and experience. Beware of the low price surgeons and clinics that you can find advertised, in most cases they do not offer high standards of quality and service.

Combined packages
Many of our clients decide to get a couple of surgical procedures at once to achieve a more balanced result. This then become even more cost efficient alternative saving them even more!

All Inclusive packages for your peace of mind.
We believe it is important for you to know the exact costs of your chosen surgery before you make any decisions.
Makeover Travel provides a true alternative to the high cost of medical expense experienced in their home countries. We offer a very high level of practical and personal experience, know-how, contacts, and confidentiality. Customer feed back has proved that working with Makeover Travel is a more professional, less risky way to book and co-ordinate their medical and travel requirements.

We acknowledge this is a life changing experience not just a medical holiday. By treating each client as an individual, being focused on there needs and providing them with outstanding service, this is what sets us apart form the others and will continue to be the key to our ongoing success.

We believe in presenting our client with an a full service approach to their Medical Travel by Coordinating all their needs and desires in to a Medical travel package. Clients will receive our undivided care and attention to detail, highly qualified surgeons and a Post Operative Paradise recovery holiday, providing our clients with the ideal setting to commence their new destiny.
When else can you go on holiday and you become the souvenir.