The image of your company is reflected on each
                                                        one of your employees



In todays competitive career market, the reality is that external image is essential to personal success.  In essence, if your employees feel good about their intelligence and ability as well as their physical appearance, they will have a step up in the work world.

Based on the real needs of people Our company Makeover Travel
in the organization of Plastic Surgery and Total Image Change Trips in South America has created a new concept of employee travel incentives trip, focused on Beauty & Image Change.

In todays competitive business world an employees personal image reflects the professionalism of the company. Whether you have new employees or employees moving up the company ladder, looking stylish yet professional is essential to projecting a creative and accountable image for your company.


    Nothing is more important than the first impression
              because the fir
st impression o an individual is given

                                                                   Only  in just seconds

Lets talk about the company as if we were talking about a particular person, lets talk about you, of the goals you peruse, of your day to day goals.

Before               After

             Pictures from the "Extreme Makeover" TV show.

Our formula is simple, whom ever reflects success, is successful, the decision is in your hands, we offer and present to you a Unique concept of Incentive Trips so you can make of your company
dream come true.

With Makeover Travel as Leader in Aesthetic Trips, You will make your image and its results impact go further than that of those you ever imagined

Let us help you Express your company's potential, its confidence and friendliness making of each one of their members your best business presentation!

Remember that time is Money, don't throw it away talking about what you offer, show it! Make your employee feel complete by not only looking better but by feeling like an ideal person, secure of themselves, with a high self steem and sure of what they offer, the reward will be for both of you, the company and it will be for Ever.I

Experience yourself this Magic pleasure, live and offer it to those who do so much for your company, the unique present of Transforming their Life and  their Image for Ever, remember that to earn others peoples confidence we need to have confidence in ourselves.


Our All Inclusive packages include:

Luxery Vacations in 5five stars hotels / Health / Pleasure  
 Total Image Change
through surgeries and special aesthetic treatments packages at
The Best International Prices. 


We provide a wide range of ideal Plastic Surgery Packages at a cost less than 70% compared to those of your country, to make your dreams and those of your employees come true!


In each package include accommodation in 5five stars hotels and other services that are specified on the Web page.

We assure you that you will reach our goals and will be successful with a trip that:

Will stimulate an unmotivated distribution network, reward work well done in an specific department or, why not, the best promotional gift for your clients.

Recharge the life of your employees forever in a unique trip of Knowledge and Transformation.

You Will win an even more faithful employee for your company,  a happy employee, an employee that will increase your labor potential to the maximum level.


You will add incentives to your management with this trip, the gratefulness for his/her high accomplishments, will forever leave a memory of your company in their lives inspiring to the great Company Recognition.


We ensure you that all of these people that return home alter this experience will be a witness of the of the rewards that is available to the best employees in your company  

A permanent stimulant in the Heart of your company.  
essential part that inspires and moves a team.

Dont forget, you will make your employee be the most important motivating factor of your company, Your best business card, a marc of your success in each step, a figure that will be your publicity 24 hours a day.

                                                                                       Santa Cruz -Bolivia-

An incentive trip must receive the highest professionalism
Our team of specialists will make sure that each aspect of the program Works with the highest precision complementing with each service option that will adjust itself to each budget.

Each program is meticulously planned to assure you the highest
       value for this trip.

Shopping Tour, take advantage of trying local food and their exquisite taste, culture fun, party, liberty, and about a trip for a Total Image Change from witch the traveler will return 100% renovated, Motivated and prepared to climb his/her highest goals.

For a 5  star service, we cannot forget the our 5five stars hotels at Santa Cruz - Bolivia-.


Our hotels invite you to enjoy all you wish to find in a hotel; your dorm with a comfortable bed that will not let you miss your own home and with the possibility of being able to work with the same services that you have in your own office since they provide an Internet service available 24 hours a day, a luxurious room with its bathroom, with a series of commodities that will definitely help you not to miss your own home in a social neighborhood in which, you can find innumerable services of all types, they will provide you with a committed service within the most rigorous occidental standards and, over all without loosing its character and local focus.

If you are interested in our packages, we invite you to visit our website:



Or you can contact us :
by phone:  (00591) 33 39 79 49
                (00591) 77 02 02 04

by email: [email protected]

We understand this commercial relation as "partners" more than a client/service provider. All our efforts are focused on quality, as well as taking advantage of our ability to hire specialist in order to reduce costs of our clients.  Independently of the size of your company, we will analyze your needs and offer you personalized solutions.

We hope to be working with you soon!!!




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