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Who Can Trust?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of plastic and cosmetic surgeries are performed worldwide. While most operations are performed to high standards by fully qualified specialists, a number are carried out by ill-prepared surgeons, in substandard hospitals or private clinics.

Patients should be fully informed on the quality of the hospital they are treated in, the qualifications and experience of those carrying out the operations, the possible risks, and the after care.
If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you should check out the credentials of the clinic, the consultant who will treat you, and what you are paying for.

What to look for?

Ensure your surgeons registration on the medical specialist register - as well as him meeting other criteria, qualifying him/her for cosmetic surgery procedures. Dont take for granted that a specialist registration, a plastic surgery diploma or consultancy qualifies a surgeon to have expertise in cosmetic surgery procedures.
Ensure your surgeon has experience and formal education in aesthetic surgery.
Especially full time consultants - surgeons in State Health Care hospitals are often lacking experience and formal training in aesthetic surgery procedures, as these procedures are not the main goal of State Health Services. Therefore make sure your registered specialist - consultant is not performing aesthetic surgery as a bit on the site.

Ensure you're given the full details of your treatment you're going to have and take your time to think about it.

Be prepared to ask questions, and ask for a second consultation to make sure you understand the risks and the expected outcome.
Make sure that these extra information sessions are free of charge, as it is your own and your consultants duty to be fully informed.

Choose your private clinic - hospital with care.
The safety and quality of medical care is regulated by international standards.
Make sure the hospital private clinic you choose for has an up to date, official, internationally recognized, Quality Certificate for Medical & Surgical care, and even more specific for Plastic Aesthetic Surgery and cosmetic treatments.

Make sure that your initial consultation is with the treating consultant surgeon himself and not with some surgeon or consultant hopping around to collect patients for surgery abroad.

Make sure your aesthetic surgery is not performed in the same operating theatre and facilities as surgery for infected pathology.
Infections - Bacterial Cross-infection - should be avoided, but especially so in healthy cosmetic surgery patients. Check if your clinic - hospital has an overnight facility, or that you will be discharged after the operation and taken to a hotel.
Many clinics or private hospitals in Europe and the USA have no hospital rooms. Patients are taken to a nearby hotel with, at best, some paramedical supervision. A hotel room is not medically equipped and is not an ideal environment after more extensive surgery.

Make sure the fees are all inclusive. Be aware of cheap surgery. Make sure that fees are reasonable. Expensive is not a guarantee for high quality, but cheap isnt either. Be aware of some low budget clinics and assure yourselves of the quality of the materials and the equipment used.
Make sure your reservation fee will be fully reimbursed in case you will decide to cancel the operation.

Cosmetic surgery does not require general anesthesia.
Keep in mind that some of the more serious risks of aesthetic surgery are due to prolonged general anesthesia. Modern aesthetic surgeons should offer alternatives such as intravenous sedation techniques to avoid these serious and unnecessary risks.

Makeover Travel assures you to meet all of these criteria to guarantee efficient and safe cosmetic surgery.

Fully registered consultants:
Our Consultants are fully trained in their aesthetic specialty and are member of the official register of Surgical Specialists medical doctors or Dentists (in Bolivia, in Brazil and Ibero Latino American). All our consultants, surgical specialists, medical doctors and dentists, have a valid diploma with official registration.

Consultants with experience & formal education in Aesthetic Surgery procedures:
Our Consultants are carefully selected. They do not hold full time jobs in General State Hospitals. They are experienced in cosmetic procedures. They received specific formal training in their cosmetic surgery dentistry field. They are passionate about cosmetic procedures.

All inclusive fees & Free additional consultations:
Our prices are all inclusive: admission, hospital fees, surgeon & doctors fees, anaesthetic fees, your stay in a 5*****star hotel, transportation, and all our after care.
Please make sure you have all your questions answered, and that you fully understand the risks of the procedure.
Makeover Travel offers a free service for a second, third, fourth consultation wih your surgeon or the medical team.
Also all your after care visits are included.

ISO Quality Certificate for all medical & surgical procedures, ensuring not only a safe clinical environment, but also quality control of all surgical and medical procedures preformed:
In our clinics each & every treatment, all materials and the infrastructure is controlled for safety and effectiveness, with the necessary scientific and legal back up, and this according to the rules of the ISO quality control system.

No mixing of healthy patients and patients with infectious diseases:
Control of cross-infection is essential in every medical or dental setting but the problems of cross-infection are even more serious in a standard hospital setting. Surgical wound infection is an important class of hospital acquired (cross) infections.
Therefore in a safe setting, healthy cosmetic surgery patients should not be treated in the same operation theatre, cared for by the same health care workers and recover on the same wards as patients with infectious diseases.

Sleeping without a general anesthetic:
The technology and progress made in intravenous sedation has helped to make extensive cosmetic interventions possible without most of the side effects of a general anaesthetic.
When waking up after the surgery, you feel fine, without suffering the common side effects of a traditional general anaesthetic. With the help of modern sedation techniques, long and extensive surgery is possible without taking unnecessary additional risks.
Our medical teams we can offer intravenous sedation for all cosmetic surgery procedures.



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