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- Cardiology

 Chest Surgery

 - Dermatologic department

 - Endocrine Unit

 - Gastroenterology

 - General Surgery

 - Genetic department

 - Gynecology & Obstelrics

 - Hematology

 - Internal Medicine

 - Mouth & Jaw Surgery

 - Neonatal Intensive Care

- Nephrology-Hypertension 

 - Neurology
- Ophthalmology


 - Pediatric Surgery

 - Reconstructive Surgery

 - Rehabilitation

 - Rheumatology

 Transplantation department

- Urology

Other Medical Procedures


Helping you improve your Quality of Life!

Our goal is to bring the highest level of medical care and treatment within the reach of every person - from any country.
In order to achieve this, we invest a great deal of time and resources in developing new ways to help our patients and in maintaining our position at the forefront of the world's medical referral centers-particularly in the fields of surgery, oncology, and transplants.
Our experience has allowed us to select the best medical centers across Israel to provide you with affordable, high quality medical care.

State of the Art Medical Care.
The medical centers in the Makeover Travel Network provide excellent medical care. All our medical centers and hospitals have received international accreditations, with many having received prestigious international and national awards. They will provide you with access to top physicians using state-of-the-art technology and exceptional post-surgical nursing care in a professionally managed environment.

Our philosophy is that the well-being of our patients must be the focal point of our attention. Every member of our staff of professionals embodies this philosophy by providing the best care possible. In our eyes, high-quality, and personal medical care is what our patients need and deserve.

Our job is:
- To understand your medical needs.

- To use Makeover Travels Medical Information System to transmit your confidential medical information to our medical centers and hospitals so that they can develop a customized Program of Care for you.

- To provide you with a Program of Care from various medical centers in different cities of Israel. This Program of Care will include information on the cost of care, the medical center and the treating physician the information you need to make the best decision.

- To assist in the preparation process and facilitate a pre-travel consultation with your physician.

Makeover Travel will significantly lessen the anxiety of accessing affordable, high quality medical care abroad by providing you with the highest level of service throughout the entire process.

To ensure you the highest level of medical care and treatment, Makeover Travel has selected the best and the most important  Medical Centers in Israel offering you a full-service healthcare center, with comprehensive medical, surgical and diagnostic units.
Our Medical Centers and hospitals are national referral centers for both adults and children for various specialties such as: oncology, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic oncology, orthopedics (A and B), surgical oncology, organ transplantation, microsurgery.
At our Medical Centers, all evaluations and treatments are carried out by highly trained physicians, nurses and technicians using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Our hospitals and Medical Centers are affiliated with Israel's top academic and research institutions, and are considered among the country's distinguished seats for medical education and research.

Though we represent hospitals across Israel, we don't work for them. We work for You and so always identify the top hospital and medical team for your particular case and treatment.
You can expect the highest standards of personalized service and be confident of the fact we are by your side from the moment you contact us to well after returning from your treatment.

We will personally accompany you (and your family, when required) through all stages of your medical treatment. As our patient from overseas we will coordinate your consultations, examinations and treatments, and escort you within the Medical Center. We will take care of your specific needs, translating for you whenever necessary, to ensure that you understand the planned medical treatment, and feel completely comfortable.

Our staff is fluent in many languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, French and Arabic.

With our medical service for tourists,
regardless of how far away you are from your home,
you will feel at home with us.



Plastic Surgery Abroad, Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

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Plastic Surgery Abroad, Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

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Plastic Surgery Abroad, Cosmetic Surgery Overseas
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