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In December 2011 one of our exclusive cosmetic surgeons appeared in the latin international program "Today I Change my life" ("Hoy Cambio mi vida")  with Ricardo Hurtado who discussed the growing trend of cosmetic surgery holidays to Bolivia. The program also showed an interview with 2 patients who had undergone successful complete Makeover  in Bolivia.
Coming Soon in our website.

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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:
Abdominoplasty - Arm Lift - Blepharoplasty - Body Lift Surgery - Brachioplasty- Breast Augmentation / Breast Implants - Breast lift - Breast Reduction - Breast Uplift - Brow Lift - Buttock augmentation - Buttock implants - Buttock Lift - Canthopexy /Canthoplasty - Cheek Implants / Cheek augmentation- Chin Implants / Chin augmentation- Chin Reduction - Cosmetic Dentistry - Dental Implants - Dental treatment - Dental Veneers - Ear Surgery- Ethnic plastic surgery - Eyelid Surgery- Extreme Makeover - Facelift - Hair transplant - Hymen Restoration / Hymenplasty - Labiaplasty / Labial Reduction - Laser Skin Resurfacing - laser treatments- Liposuction - Male Breast Reduction - Mastoplexy- Mentoplasty- Men Surgery - Neck Lift - Neck Liposuction- Nipple Reduction - Nose Surgery - Otoplasty - Permanent Makeup - Porcelain Crown - Porcelain veneers - Restylane / Perlane - Revision Rhinoplasty - Rhinoplasty - Secondary Surgery - Thigh Lift / thighplasty - Tooth Whitening - Tummy Tuck - Vaginoplasty


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Plastic Surgery in Bolivia - Medical Tourism in Israel


Cosmetic Surgery Vacations?

Thousands of people have been traveling abroad every year to receive affordable cosmetic and plastic surgery overseas. Outstanding quality and affordability are the two most important reasons for having cosmetic and plastic surgery abroad. Traveling for "Cosmetic Surgery Vacation" also provides an opportunity for those with limited vacation time to have both medical services and a vacation with their family or friend.

Makeover Travel Group provides you a large choice of the best hospitals and Clinics in Bolivia for your cosmetic surgery Vacation.
At our clinic you can expect:
- ISO Certified Quality.
- Controlled safety & patient satisfaction.
- Highly qualified, international registered and certified surgeons.
- All inclusive fees.
- A modern and luxurious facility.
- Next day Surgery program for international patients.
- Multilingual staff English/Spanish/French

Our great prices and complete Circle of Care mean that you can have the surgery you want now, as well as enjoy a superb vacations in a Tropical Paradise Santa Cruz de la Sierra- Bolivia.

With Makeover Travel, you can expect the best surgeons, a recovery in luxury 5 stars Hotel, fully equipped hospital and the 24 hours care and support of friendly English/Spanish/French-speaking staff. You really will feel at home, but enjoy all the benefits of cosmetic surgery vacations!

Also at Santa Cruz you can enjoy not only the great weather and a world-class holiday resort, but all the familiar things from home, like your favorite US, UK and French TV programs, and of course a great international, cosmopolitan choice of bars, restaurants and shops very affordable.

All these reasons make choosing your cosmetic surgery in Santa Cruz, with Makeover Travel, great sense...
Why wait for expensive treatment in your country when you can have affordable surgery NOW in luxurious Santa Cruz, Bolivia?

Your Gateway to Affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Makeover Travel was created to give people access to the highest quality cosmetic surgery, without having to pay the highest prices. That is, of course, with a Latin twist. The service we provide is a means to attain the aesthetic change you desire in the backdrop of beautiful Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. We offer you a unique opportunity in this nexus of beauty and travel, allowing you to recover from your procedures in beautiful city, and return home a new person.

Why choose Bolivia?

Bolivian surgeons are world renown for being at the forefront of cosmetic surgery, both in quality and innovation. Makeover Travel gives you access to our pre-screened board certified surgeons and prepares a complete surgical package tailored to your cosmetic surgery needs. These surgeons provide the cosmetic procedural quality of America and Europes top surgeons, at a reasonable price. Whether you want a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or a full facelift, it is now virtually effortless to receive an evaluation from one of Bolivian's top surgeons, even if you live 6000 miles away.
All Makeover Travel surgeons are Board Certified and have over 20 years experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery!
Our surgeon's qualifications include:
Senior Membership in the Brazilian, and Bolivian Society of Plastic Surgery
Membership in the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Plastic Surgeons
Title of "Specialist" in cosmetic surgery by the Brazilian and Bolivian Medical Association and Federal Council of Medicine
Training from one of the most respected surgeons in the world!
We invite you to Santa Cruz, the cosmetic surgery capital of Bolivia, with its dynamic landscape, beautiful nature, vibrant culture and world class surgeons for an experience that is truly Latino.

Makeover Travel has the surgeons with the experience you demand at the prices you deserve!