Why Makeover Travel?

The choice of an appropriate medical provider can be daunting and many factors will influence your ultimate decision . Quality of Care is Paramount.

Many medical centers offer plastic and cosmetic surgeries overseas.
Why should you stop at us?   Yes, you have good reasons to do so...


" Get the peace of mind with access to the best quality
Surgeons and Private Clinics"...

At Makeover Travel, we have become famous for providing a wide variety of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures using state-of-the art surgical techniques. Our commitment to aesthetic excellence is legendary, and the high quality of our service starts with understanding the needs of the patient and putting them first.

In plastic and cosmetic surgery, we are skilled in the use of minimally invasive and laparoscopic techniques, resulting in reduced scarring and faster recovery time. This depth of knowledge, coupled with experience and access to a diverse array of advanced therapies, enables Makeover Travel to offer a standard of care rarely matched in the industry.

In image-conscious cities like Santa Cruz, what makes Makeover Travel so unique?
Well, to begin with, Makeover Travel insists on employing high quality plastic and cosmetic surgeons who have undergone extensive training at top universities and teaching hospitals. The doctors at Makeover Travel are always in the forefront of new surgical approaches and medical technologies, and our offices and fully-accredited surgery centers are equipped with state-of-the art equipment. Our highly rated plastic and cosmetic surgeons receive continuing education in the latest developments in the field, so that they are always up-to-date.

1) Makeover Travel works with:
- A prestigious group of board certified specialists, all of them with very
  active professional careers in major international universities and important
  hospitals and privates clinics.

- All are head directors of their clinic and have more than 15 years
  experience. A winning team of seasoned, expert and dedicated surgeons
  who are innovators in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, in focused
  on making the surgery as safe as possible with decreased pain.

- All our surgeons are certified by a board, and they are members of the
  Bolivian, Brazilian, and Ibero Latino America Society of Aesthetic, Reconstructive
  and Plastic Surgery

2) Our private insurance ensures you an incomparable Surgical Guarantee, that none other surgeon or clinic would be able to ensure you.

3) Our Infrastructures.
We work with 5 private clinics and hospitals specialized in plastic and cosmetic surgery; all of which are certified and highly recommended by foreign agencies (consulates, international company, international insurance companies, embassies, etc. ).
All of them had the most up-to-date and state-of-the-industry medical technology and equipment, with direct contact and support that you need to monitor recovery. This ensures that the whole medical treatment provided here is at the highest level in the health care surgical industry.

4) Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Bolivia.
In Bolivia the incidence of bad surgeries is EXTREMLY LOW because the laws protecting the patients and the high standards of patient care in Bolivia are much higher than in other countries.
Many vacation destinations do not have formal medical accreditation boards that certify physicians and medical facilities. Bolivia has a long medical academic tradition having very strict laws that regulate training and qualifications of physicians who perform cosmetic surgery.
Furthermore, to ensure you wonderful results and a total safety during your surgery, Makeover Travel requires that each one of our medical team be made up of at the least:
- 2 board certified plastic surgeons
- 1 anesthetist
- 2 Nurses
- 3 instrumentists

As a general rule, each surgeon works with the same medical team since more than 10 years.  

5) Being a completely independent company, not tied to any one hospital, private clinic or surgeon; allows us to make our decisions freely, based on experience, qualifications, reputation and results achieved.

6) Security in Bolivia.
Bolivia is considered as the most peaceful, Safe, and hospitable country in Latin America.
There is no danger of falling into a tourist trap when traveling anywhere in Bolivia. According to the last indices of security published by the ONU concerning the countries in Latin America,
Bolivia is in the first place, being the country with the rate of insecurity the lowest compared with any country in Latin America.


Our Service:

"The difference you will experience with Makeover Travel is our service.
At Makeover Travel, you can expect nothing less than high standard of aesthetic quality combined with a very high standard of patient care and customer service. "

Your health and happiness are our priority
Our comprehensive aftercare is the best in the business and its designed to give you maximum peace of mind.
Many other companies only offer the level of aftercare provided by Makeover Travel as an added extra - meaning the cost to you could be thousands of dollars higher than you're initially quoted.
Makeover Travel's
Aftercare Program &Surgical Guarantee means that you can feel confident that you'll receive the highest possible standards of care both before and after your treatment with no financial surprises.

1) At Makeover Travel you will find the personalized care, courtesy, professionalism and attention you need to keep you psychologically prepared during the whole process of the surgery and beyond. Here you are not just another patient. You are our patient. We focus and tailor our medical care around you.

2) Our team of medical professionals has proved to be unmatched in the industry. Our only focus is you, the patient, and we dedicate our resources to this end.
We want you to feel as confident and comfortable as possible in making this life changing decision.

3) Our personal assistance 24 hours emergency support and follow-up consultations with the surgeons.

4) Post-care Service
our staff and surgeons will pamper you in every way possible. We are committed to bringing our out-of-town guests high quality medical services so you can have one of the best Beauty Holidays in the industry.
Having more than 1 procedure requires greater attention and service post-surgery to achieve the desired results and recover better. Our trained team on the ground is specifically set up and trained to care for patients who are having more than 1 procedure. Furthermore, this is all included in the package prices, you don't pay 1 cent more for our services!

5) The Service relax and recover as everything is taken care of have a great holiday, with lots of additional tours, activities and travel options.

6) Your holiday tailored to your needs.
We coordinate all your holiday!! you pick the treatments and procedures you want, the level of accommodation and the total time away, and then leave it to us to organize everything: Tour, Travel requirements and of course your Surgery and any other Treatments. Our dedicated attention to you at all stages of your travel and surgery ensures you to get the results you expect as well as having a wonderful and relaxing holiday.
We will make the recovery process as painless as possible, and we will be always there to help you.
...Our team will take care of everything, so you can concentrate on relaxing and having a great holiday. We are available at all times for anything you require, and our great relationships with the hospitals ensures you get professional and priority service.

Many clinics at home send you home the same day of your surgical procedure, leaving you exposed to the same stresses and commitments when you are still healing and recuperating not ready.
Furthermore, many surgeons do not offer follow-up examination and advice. This may promote complications and problems, which will not be addressed until too late.
Instead, our policy is to examine and look after you every step of the way, while giving you the time and ability to relax and focus on yourself.
We take care of everything, your every need to help maximize your results.




"We have a long history of proven, successful client!!"

Many patients travel from across the globe to visit us.
As patients these days think globally, they have come to realize that they can accomplish their health and beauty goals while taking a vacation at the same time!
Santa Cruz -Bolivia- is one of most popular destinations for vacationers in South America and Makeover Travel has some of the world's highly qualified doctors, so you can be assured that you will have a relaxing and rewarding experience.


1) Plastic surgery and cosmetic restorative dentistry are Bolivia's hidden treasures, but not a well-kept secret
Each year thousands of men and women from North America, Europe and Latin America take advantage of the low-cost, High-Quality care provided by Bolivians cosmetic surgeons and dentists, making of Bolivia the 4rd country in Latin America receiving tourists only to perform out aesthetic treatments.

2) We are N1 in our field
Pioneering worldwide in the organization of trips focused in Plastic Surgery - Beauty & Image Change -. Makeover Travel is todays one of the most well known and awarded Medical Agency in Latin America.

We received in 2006 & 2008 the International Award
" Estrella de Diamante Internacional" Award in Mexico
for the Best Quality & Service in
the beauty field


  And the Award -2003 and 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015
                "Mejor organizacin Turstica y Medica Boliviana"        
           "Best Tourist and Medical Organization in Bolivia"
Best Organization in the Medical-Tourism field


"Premio por los logros alcanzados para una vida mejor"                 
Best Medical Organization Award -2008 & 2009-

At Makeover Travel, team spirit occupies a high seat and young talent gets the highest marks. Manned by a young and professional staff, our mission statement is "Deliver more than you commit".

Our worldwide known beauty queens are a clear example of the excellence achieved in our field which now you can also take advantage of.

3) Our clients range from the young to the mature person.
Women, as well as men seek our excellent experience and services, and all are looking for privacy and a holiday to relax to get the maximum results at a much cheaper price than they would pay at home.c
We cater for all countries, and all nationalities.
Typically, our market is made up of
20% of Bolivian patients.
Mainly people leaving in others cities of Bolivia who prefer having their surgery in Santa Cruz with the elite of highly qualified surgeons who practice in Bolivia.
On the other hand our market is made about
80% of foreign patients from countries where cosmetic surgery is expensive - including USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

4) If things look different with
Makeover Travel, its because our Group is the premier integrated health group in Bolivia by providing access to the highest quality healthcare at a competitive price for foreign patients.
We are the largest healthcare provider in Bolivia, and one of the most renowned plastic surgery provider in the world.
Makeover Travel is the first and the largest Latin American independent operator focused in Image Transformation.

5) Personalized Experience: Our care will focus on our patients as individuals. We will provide every patient an experience customized to their medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs,

6) For years we have scoured Bolivia to select the best surgeons and private clinics that provide the unique and wonderful formula of world-class quality and international certifications.
We have interviewed just about every surgeon and for years we have observed the cosmetic surgery results to every surgeons and specialists.
We have been to every private clinic and hospital in Bolivia. As we found, this formula is very difficult to find: often the best hospitals and surgeons are not advertised, or nor do they have websites, as they don't need it and they are enough busy just through word of mouth.
As we found out through our research, the marketing hype of advertising or websites doesn't mean that hospitals or surgeons are better, and it often the case that this is a smokescreen for disreputable clinics, who are trying to cash in on the plastic surgery boom.




1) As a Bolivian based organization, we are governed by and adhere to stringent privacy laws mandating that all your medical records must remain completely private and confidential at all times.

2) Our network of hospitals are among the leading healthcare institutions, equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art medical technology and board certified surgeons.
The clinics and hospitals we have selected  have either Joint Commission Accreditation (JCI) or International and National Organization for Standardization (ISO), which signifies that they are internationally recognized in the field of healthcare.

Our medical centres are the largest, and the most specialized centres in Bolivia for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The Bolivian Conferences on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the most important events in plastic surgery and the platform for the latest scientific advances are hosted by most of our centres.

We have partnered with the largest international hospital in Santa Cruz. With 8 private and specialist hospitals, it offers healthcare standards similar to what you would find at home.




"All inclusive cosmetic surgery cost"

You will be excited to learn that we not only offers the highest quality cosmetic and plastic surgery results, best quality in medical care, high standards of cosmetic surgery, and the use of modern technologies as well as top-quality materials for procedures, but we offer it at a fraction of the cost for the same procedures in the United States, Canada and Europe.
This allows you to use some of your savings to have your surgery and enjoy the beautiful country of Bolivia at the same time

1) The prices we have negotiated with our clinics and hotels mean that our clients have better prices than own Bolivian people.

2) All prices listed are in all inclusive. You will only have to pay the amount shown in your quotation. There are no hidden costs. So you don't have to worry about anything while you are on holidays.

3) You dont pay anything before arriving in Bolivia.


Makeover Travel is currently in the process of setting up a charity in the aim of providing free reconstructive plastic surgery for underprivileged children.

Our final aim for this year is to conclude the construction of an hospital providing free reconstructive surgery and care for children who are badly burnt.


Travelling with Makeover Travel, what you get is peace of mind from knowing that we will be there for you, which is extremely important when undergoing any type of surgery abroad.



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Cosmetic Surgery holidays?

Thousands of people have been traveling abroad every year to receive cosmetic surgery abroad and Bariatric procedures like Lap-Band Surgery. Outstanding quality and affordability are the two most important reasons for having cosmetic and plastic surgery abroad. Traveling for a "medical holiday" also provides an opportunity for those with limited vacation time to have both medical services and a vacation with their family or friend.

Makeover Travel Group provides you a large choice of the best hospitals and Clinics in Bolivia for your cosmetic surgery.
At our clinic you can expect:
- ISO Certified Quality.
- Controlled safety & patient satisfaction.
- Highly qualified, international registered and certified surgeons.
- All inclusive fees.
- A modern and luxurious facility.
- Next day Surgery program for international patients.
- Multilingual staff English/Spanish/French

Our great prices and complete Circle of Care mean that you can have the surgery you want now, as well as enjoy a superb holiday in a Tropical Paradise Santa Cruz de la Sierra- Bolivia.

With Makeover Travel, you can expect the best surgeons, a recovery in luxury 5 stars Hotel, fully equipped hospital and the 24 hours care and support of friendly English/Spanish/French-speaking staff. You really will feel at home, but enjoy all the benefits of cosmetic surgery abroad!

Also at Santa Cruz you can enjoy not only the great weather and a world-class holiday resort, but all the familiar things from home, like your favorite US, UK and French TV programs, and of course a great international, cosmopolitan choice of bars, restaurants and shops very affordable.

All these reasons make choosing your cosmetic surgery in Santa Cruz, with Makeover Travel, great sense...
Why wait for expensive treatment in your country when you can have affordable surgery NOW in luxurious Santa Cruz, Bolivia?



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