Cosmetic & Plastic surgery requires an artistic eye and an expert hand to execute properly. Makeover Travel’s medical team and surgeons are internationally renowned for their perfectionism, attention to detail and exquisite Sense of Aesthetics.

romoting and maintaining the highest standards of surgical practice and patient health care we have achieved excellence in our field; that is the reason why for more than 10 years our surgeons have been in charge of preparing international top models to compete in the leading international beauty contests.

To achieve our aim of keeping the 1 organization in Latin America offering a complete preparation for international models, we have formed a partnership with the best model agencies in Latin America to represent the Latin beauty. 

Today our group is in charge of preparing and selecting models who compete in the leading national and international beauty.


Traveling with Makeover Travel, you will be placed into the hands of the Most specialized Makeover Team.




- Andrea Lopez -

Laura Sonesti -

Lorena Aguilar -

Luciana Vonliu -

Pamela Suarez -

Jenifer Malorca -

Sonia Vaniero -

Silvia Castera -






















Why they all have chosen Makeover Travel?
Because we are:
Dedicated to delivering a first class service to our patients.
We are Latin America N°1 choice for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
We have 30 year's specialist experience that you can trust supporting you
  from start to finish with unrivalled aftercare expert surgeons committed to
Our group has years of experience in the plastic surgery tourism industry
  and massive patient satisfaction. More than 60% of our business comes from
  personal recommendation from satisfied patients.
We provide you 8 dedicated hospitals and private clinics with 32 specialized
   medical units, and 46 complementary health-related facilities.

We are internationally renowned for our promptness, efficiency and
   professionalism; and we carry out more cosmetic surgery procedures annually
   than any other latin America company (an amazing 9,500).
Our surgeons are the most experienced in the industry - specializing in purely
   cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures
All are members of the relevant professional bodies and have the highest
   levels of training and expertise.

By choosing Makeover Travel you are choosing the industry’s most trusted cosmetic surgeons, in purpose built facilities.
Makeover Travel is unique in offering a
Full Surgical Guarantee, 100% success.
Our comprehensive aftercare is the best in the business and it’s designed to give you maximum peace of mind. Many other companies only offer the level of aftercare provided by Makeover Travel as an added extra - meaning the cost to you could be thousands of dollars higher than you're initially quoted.
Makeover travel's aftercare program means that you can feel confident that you'll receive the highest possible standards of care both before and after your treatment with no financial surprises.



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Cirugías disponibles:
Cirugías de Cara: Lifting de cara - Aumento de pómulos - Aumento / Reducción del mentón - Cirugía de orejas / Otoplastia - Mirco implantes Pelo - Lifting del cuello - Rinoplastia / Rinoplastia Secundaria
Cirugías de Cuerpo: Dermolipectomia del abdomen / Abdominoplastia- Eliminación del exceso de piel del vientre / brazos / Piernas - Blefaroplastia - Lifting completo del cuerpo - Lifting de brazos - Lifting de piernas - Aumento de Senos / Prótesis Mamarias - Suspensión / Lifting de Senos - Reducción de senos - Aumento de glúteo con grasa o con prótesis - Suspensión / Elevación de Glúteo - Cirugía Vaginal: Reconstrucción del himen / Reducción de labios vaginales / Vaginoplastia - Liposucción / Lipoaspiración - Disminución pecho (para hombre) - Reducción del pezón
Otros Tratamientos: Cambio de Imagen / Makeover - Cirugía Dental - Implantes Dental - Tratamientos Dentales - Coronas Dentales - Blanqueamiento de dientes - Tratamientos Láser - Maquillaje permanente


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