Makeover Travel Organises your Aesthetic 
Plastic Surgery Holiday 

We are an International renowned Medical Tourism Agency specialized the organization the plastic Surgery Vacations.

Our Group is worldwide Leader in cosmetic Surgery Tourism, and Image Transformation.

Our only focus is your beauty…

We are the premier international integrated health company recognized by providing access to the highest quality healthcare at a competitive price for foreign patients.

The First glances will say you all..

Some of our all-inclusive special

Makeover Travel was ranked among the top 10 Medical Companies Worldwide specialized in plastic and cosmetic Surgery.

By treating each client as an individual, being focused on their needs and providing them with outstanding service, this is what sets us apart from the "others" and will continue to be the key to our ongoing success


Makeover Travel is a Top choice for surgery abroad...

Makeover Travel has been named the No.1 Choice of Medical Tourism Organizations in Bolivia for six years (2003 and 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2014); rewarding the company for excellence in Tourism and Medical Services.


Makeover Travel provides you the highest quality service of integrated medical care available and only the Highest Skilled Surgeons....

Makeover Travel brings you in touch with Bolivia and it´s World renowned Plastic Surgeons.
We have selected for you The Most qualified and experienced Health Care Professionals in Bolivia, in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Micro Surgery, Laser Treatment, Dental Surgery; etc. in the most advanced and prestigious Surgical and Laser centers. 
All our Surgeons have more than 18 years of experience, and they have all graduated with honors from the best international universities in The United States, and Brazil; this has allowed them not only to achieve professional excellence but also to have the Exquisite Sense of Aesthetics, always by respecting their patient´s likes and needs.
Promoting and maintaining the highest standards of surgical practice and patient health care
 we have achieved excellence in our field.

We would never be able to offer a Surgical Guarantee in our work if we wouldn´t be working just with the Best Surgeons.

With us you

don’t have to

pay anything

in advance

You pay after meeting your 
Surgeon and once you feel
happy with EVERY THING 
we offer to you !

We offer a



It´s our promise of quality 
and Satisfaction with our work.
We look for our patient´s happiness
from the beginning to the end

There are not

Hidden costs.

Before you arrive you will receive the Special Package we offer to you with everything what is included and what is not included.

We have chosen a Worm, Safe and Magic City

to Change your Life forever!

The Best city in the Entire World!

Why have we chosen the city of Santa Cruz for your trip?

In Santa Cruz, you will find Cosmetic Surgeons with outstanding skills, experience and innovative techniques. Many foreigners had surgery in Bolivia and experienced surgeons who treated them in their warm friendly way, with a very sensitive feeling for aesthetics and with their capability to leave almost invisible scars.
Forest, rivers and prairies. Hallucinated places of exuberant vegetation, rural and suffocating corners conform the territory of the department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra located in the oriental part of Bolivia.
Prosperous city of modern shades, Santa Cruz has become the economic heart of the country. Thousands of Bolivians decided to tempt fortune in the hot Orient, attracted by the vertiginous commercial and agricultural development… the borders extended and the old urban helmet was surrounded by showy buildings and much transited avenues.
Santa Cruz is also renowned for having the best hospitals for surgeries in Bolivia, where some of the most complex surgeries like hip or knee replacement surgery or cardiac surgery can be done in just a few days, at a fraction of the cost compared with the Westem World.

Sensual and festival. Warm, modern and agitated. That is Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the tropical paradise of South America.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a very safe Cosmopolitan city that offers an impressive variety of tourist activities and a great diversity of International Restaurants, with a cost of live that you will not find in none of other country… a young  and authentic  city with a unique style.

If we have chosen Santa Cruz for your Image transformation  it is not a coincidence .

We could have chosen for your “vacations” another city than Santa Cruz, or another place like “a beach” place for example; or one of those  thousands of places you can find in Bolivia with mountains, snow; where you could practice “amazing” activities as swimming, riding, parasailing, or skiing…

But we have decided not to do it for a simple reason:

Not to put the health or life of our patients in danger!

Certain medical procedures due to their nature and required post-surgery care do not permit vacations.
We mention this because some plastic surgery clinics overseas position the surgery package as a way to have some fun while you are in recovery.

That is why apart from airfare and hotel, they also throw in spa services and sightseeing. Our recommendation is that you get the plastic surgery done right in one trip and think about a pleasure trip some other time.

In case of certain treatments like Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, some face surgeries and Dental treatments where hospitalization is not required, Makeover Travel makes an arrangement to combine with beautiful and memorable holidays (strictly as per medical advice).   

Makeover travel 

Will offer you a very different trip compared with any other Medical Organization. With us you will enjoy a trip of dream, responding to the different needs from the human being; plenty of emotions, of scents and flavors that you will never forget, a unique and wonderful trip that will allow you to reach not only the body you always dreamt, but also the happiness that you looked for during so much years!





Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery affords you the option of making the two coincide.


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