Educating yourself about your Procedure is important

Educating yourself about your Surgeon is Paramount


Our team is run by elite of highly qualified surgeons who practice internationally.
Makeover Travel deals with only the top Bolivian plastic surgeons, all of whom have graduated from the best international universities of Brazil, and/or the USA.

Our surgeons are the most qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in Bolivia.
All are Board Certified and
have over 15 years of experience in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery.

Training from one of the most respected Surgeons in the
best schools in the WORLD!

They have had rigorous and long training that continued beyond obtaining their university degrees.
To obtain the title of Surgeon and practice his specialty in Bolivia, the surgeons were required to take and pass All Required Certification Exams and complete a minimum of two years of medical residency.

The path to becoming an accredited Plastic Surgeon in Bolivia involves many years of training in a multitude of fields:

- 6 years at University to graduate as a General Doctor.
- 2 years rotatory residency.
- 3 years General Surgery postgraduate degree.
- 3 years Plastic, Reconstructive and Maxillofacial postgraduate degree involving the following fields:

  • Surgery for burned patients         • Maxillofacial Surgery
   • Reconstructive Surgery                • Reconstructive Oncologic Surgery
   • Pediatric Plastic Surgery              • Implantology
   • Microvascular Surgery                  • Body & Face Plastic Surgery.

The entire process takes an average of 14-15 years to become an accredited specialist and be part of the Bolivian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery which is the Bolivian equivalent of the U.S. American Board of Plastic Surgery.

From this time onwards, every plastic surgeon must begin a hard task of participations, exposures in as many national and international courses, fellowships, congresses and seminars in order to widen his career; this would be a continuous work during all his professional life.
Furthermore Bolivian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery demands to their member surgeons to renovate periodically their accreditation with the aim of staying current with the new techniques of their field of specialty.

Our surgeons have studied the world’s best techniques permitting them not only to achieve their current level of excellence but also to have an exquisite sense of aesthetics always respecting their patient’s likes and needs.

For their professionalism, our surgeons have been in charge for years of preparing international top models and miss to compete in the leading international beauty contests.

Remember: quality, results, and the overall experience of plastic surgery begin first and foremost with you, the patient, and it is Makeover Travel’s surgeons goal to help you not only love the results of your surgery, but also enjoy the process.

Our medical team is made up of 14 Health Care Professionals including:
- 5 plastic surgeons
- 4 dermatologists and health care professionals specialized in Laser Treatment
- 4 Dental surgeons with their own team
- And complete team of specialists in image transformation

Human Resources for each operation:


  • At least two board-certified plastic surgeons

  • The surgeons are attended by two nurses

  • A medical anesthesiologist with an attending nurse.

  • The anesthesiologist stays with the patient throughout the surgery and until the patient is discharged home from the recovery room, because it is important that the patient is monitored closely during the period in the recovery room.

  • Two instrumentalist nurses.

  • A nursing team for post-anesthetic recovery area and hospitalization.

  • We shall be at our most attentive towards you following the treatment.

  • The factor that always differentiates Makeover Travel from its competitors is the priority we always give to our patients and their needs, which is why we shall give you most attention after the treatment.

  • As a factor that makes us different, our postoperative attention is a key to our product.

 In compliance with the code of practice of medical ethics in Bolivia, we are not at liberty to disclose the identity of our surgeons for publicity purposes. However, the name and the CV of the surgeon will be passed on to you after receipt of your medical history form.


Why can't I find much information about the hospitals and surgeons on the web?
Plastic surgery profession in Ibero American countries is ruled by a common code of ethics which is of obligatory fulfilment by all the plastic surgery boards affiliated to the FILACP, a prestigious federation that gathers together the majority of plastic surgeons societies and boards in Spanish and Portuguese spoken nations.
The code of ethics explicitly prohibits to its members making publicity and advertising in media, websites, TV, etc. For this reason you will not find their credentials listed here since all of them are doctors with a professional career, important positions at hospitals and universities, many of them also involved in scientific research activities. However, patients will have all needed information regarding plastic surgeons assigned to their case according to type of surgery and experience needed for each particular procedure, in a confidential way through the Personal Information Panel.

Makeover Travel has done all the hard work and due diligence for you.
Over the years, we have interviewed and met just about every surgeon and private clinics in Bolivia. We selected the few clinics and surgeons to work with based on the most important factors: evidence of excellent past work, a flawless track record, experience, service and price.
As we found out, this combination is extremely difficult to find and hard to come by.
There is a great deal of research that goes into finding the best surgeons and clinics, and we strongly recommend travelling with us just for this reason.

It is extremely risky choosing a surgeon or hospital via the internet alone, and you will not get the attention,

The Surgical Guarantee and service from the clinics and surgeons if you travel alone rather than with Makeover Travel.

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