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To provide you integrated health services and total security during the surgical and any procedure requiring anaesthesia, all the hospitals and private clinics we have selected are the best and at the forefront of medical services.
As an indication of its commitment to offering patients access to the most technologically-advanced and specialized medical practices in line with world-class best practice standards
our Group has established a number of specialized Clinics and hospitals of Excellence in the fields of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.
We currently provide you 5 hospitals and private clinics with 16 specialized medical units, and 23 complementary health-related facilities.

All our Hospitals, Private Clinics and Medical Centres are Certified and highly recommended by foreign agencies, consulates,

International insurance companies and embassies.


Our clinics and hospitals must go through rigorous testing of the International Health Department to achieve this standard.
Post-surgery cares, qualified medical staff and all needed equipment are available.

We take patient´s safety and comfort seriously and we are never in a rush to discharge patients quickly as if having an in-line production machine.
The longer patients stay with us at the clinic, the lesser complications there are likely to arise. Once patients are taken too early to the hotel, they usually begin overdoing it, moving around too much and generally fail to follow medical instruction strictly. Also being alone causes sadness, loneliness and depression which is no good for recovery purposes.

All our work is carried out under the strictest safety procedures. Naturally we have formal certification of approval from the National Area Health Authority,
 as well as all necessary licenses, Environmental Health, Fire, Health and Safety approvals.

During years Makeover Travel representatives have travelled throughout Bolivia to track down the Best Medical Centres and surgeons.

We have inspected every hospital, centre and accommodation venue, and known personally to all the key person and are regular in touch with them; so we can confidently say that you will get better quality and service that you would have at home.
The service is excellent - with low wages, the clinics are able to employ more staff which means you are guaranteed attention immediately and therefore you will enjoy a better standard of care than you would get at home.

The clinics and hospitals we have selected  have either Joint Commission Accreditation (JCI) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which signifies that they are internationally recognized in the field of healthcare.

Our clinics and hospitals are the largest, and the most specialized centres in Bolivia for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The Bolivian Conferences on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the most important events in plastic surgery and the platform for the latest scientific advances are hosted by most of our centres.

If things look different with Makeover Travel, it’s because our Group is the premier integrated health company in Bolivia by providing access to the highest quality healthcare at a competitive price for foreign patients.

We are the largest healthcare provider in Bolivia, and one of the most renowned plastic surgery provider in the world.

Our care will focus on our patients as Individuals. We will provide every patient an experience customized to their medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Our clinics and hospitals provide you:

*Room in total comfort with air-conditioned, telephone, and cable TV.
*Fully equipped operation rooms, pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia recovery units, with all the services. Intensive therapy units
*All kinds of laboratories.
*The latest technology in image diagnosis.
*Theatre for septic surgery in casualty area.  
*Modern Anaesthesia machines & monitoring devices.
*Dedicated Anesthesiologist team.

All of the necessary equipment and apparatus to assure the ventilation, asepsis, antisepsis and sterilization of all of the areas, equipment and instruments used in the clinic. 

A complete medical team to assist the plastic surgeons with solid international medical training, supported by highly-qualified and well-trained nursing personnel, and permanent staff willing to offer warm, efficient attention to the patient.

All the requirements demanded by the law for their operation; and highest technological equipment such as diagnosis and bioresonance,  echography, pantomography for full face x-rays and a full range of state of the art lasers. The independent status of our hospitals means  that revenues and profit are ploughed back into new equipment and technology.

An ideal environment for effective healthcare.

All our hospitals are equipped with special areas for cosmetic and plastic   surgeries. We never mix healthy patients and patients with infectious diseases. Control of cross-infection is essential in every medical or dental setting but the problems of cross-infection are even more serious in a standard hospital setting. Surgical wound infection is an important class of hospital acquired (cross) infections. Therefore in a safe setting, healthy cosmetic surgery patients should not be treated in the same operation theatre, cared for by the same health care workers and recover on the same wards as patients with infectious diseases.

Our cosmetic surgery patients are always treated in specials operation theatres with different health care workers and recover on different wards as patients with infectious diseases.

At Makeover Travel we consider that the practice of Cosmetic Surgery should not be different to any other Surgical or Medical practice. Plastic Surgery operations should depend on the same safety measures, professionalism, equipment and guarantees offered in any other specialty. To this end we provide the best resources for each treatment we perform, always guided by the

Criterion of Medical Excellence

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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Procedures:
Abdominoplasty - Arm Lift - Blepharoplasty - Body Lift Surgery - Brachioplasty- Breast Augmentation / Breast Implants - Breast lift - Breast Reduction - Breast Uplift - Brow Lift - Buttock augmentation - Buttock implants - Buttock Lift - Canthopexy /Canthoplasty - Cheek Implants / Cheek augmentation- Chin Implants / Chin augmentation- Chin Reduction - Cosmetic Dentistry - Dental Implants - Dental treatment - Dental Veneers - Ear Surgery- Ethnic plastic surgery - Eyelid Surgery- Extreme Makeover - Facelift - Hair transplant - Hymen Restoration / Hymenplasty - Labiaplasty / Labial Reduction - Laser Skin Resurfacing - laser treatments- Liposuction - Male Breast Reduction - Mastoplexy- Mentoplasty- Men Surgery - Neck Lift - Neck Liposuction- Nipple Reduction - Nose Surgery - Otoplasty - Permanent Makeup - Porcelain Crown - Porcelain veneers - Restylane / Perlane - Revision Rhinoplasty - Rhinoplasty - Secondary Surgery - Thigh Lift / thighplasty - Tooth Whitening - Tummy Tuck - Vaginoplasty

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