The bichat bags or balls are two clusters of fat found deep in the cheeks. They are located below the buscinador muscle and add volume to the cheeks. As they lack a vital role and are far from the major organs and nerves, its removal shall be without any consequence.

These adiposities when removed produce a beautiful contour in the facial center half and a more stylized face, which undoubtedly will give a more harmonious touch to your face. From the great experience I have obtained in bichectomy and by numerous studies which exist, it’s proven that the excision or removal of Bichat bags will not produce any ejidos deficiency at an advanced age.


 The procedure lasts 15 minutes, as the brief and minimal incision of 6 mm, it’s done under local anesthetic, after which a recovery period of an hour and on an outpatient basis, the patient goes home.

The incision is made orally, inside the mouth at the upper last molar level, thus it leaves no scars. The recovery of only about 5 days and the result is significant when all the inflammation disappears approximately between two and four weeks. It’s surprising how often and requested this procedure is and, since as simple and nice result it offers many patients take the decision to have it done.

The post-surgery number 1 advice is very important: Excellent oral hygiene for a week; which means, to strictly brush after every meal and use mouthwash.

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